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Have you ever been asked, “what’s your absolute favorite song of all time”? Like once in a blue moon, right? Well, some people without hesitation have an answer to this question. Justin Beiber’s Baby. Easy Peasy. Me? Nope. I freak the fuck out like it’s a ride or die question. OMG. I am a rider! Let me think for a moment. Will you accept top ten!? No? Whyyyyyyyyyyy? I’m a rider damnit! Annnnd proceed to hyperventilation. 

I have no idea why I have this reaction and since I do, you’d think I would have come up with an answer by now. But it’s such a judgy question, you know? Like if someone told me their favorite song was by Selena Gomez, I would side-eye them HARD and I’d hope that they would stop, think for a moment, and then side-eye themself. Not okay.

Well, the point of this post… I was at a barbeque today, and this question was casually tossed out. I probably haven’t been asked this in years, so I haven’t put much thought into narrowing my favorite songs down to one ultimate all time fave. Some people answered jokingly with Right Said Fred-esque songs. Some people answered seriously with “Imagine” type shit (gag me!). I opted out of answering to avoid any potential freak outs.

But since I’m at home on a Saturday night blogging (Read: WINNING!), I thought I’d put some thought into it. So here’s my top ten. Nope, no, I still couldn’t choose just one. Guess I’m not a rider after all! 

  • Kate Bush - This Woman’s Work
  • Nina Simone - Wild is the Wind
  • Heart - Alone
  • Lauryn Hill - The Ex Factor
  • Common - The Light
  • Jimmy Eat World - 23
  • Sarah McLachlan - The Answer
  • Amos Lee - Colors
  • Antony & The Johnsons - Frankenstein
  • Tupac - Changes

Don’t get all judgy on me now. It was really hard for me not to create an additional list with honorable mentions! You know, some cool, hip songs so I’d seem less lame. But whatevs. 

What’s YOUR favorite song OF ALL TIME!? Or your top ten. You ain’t gotta ride or die.

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